The Alliance (aka the "High Level Hunter/Paladin PvE" comics)

Astarte is based on my first ever WoW character played on Elune since the first day of retail.
Comic-Astarte is a carebear, elfishly playful, vain, curious and very much convinced that her slavering wolf companion Inugami is "just a big old softy, really".
Level 60 PvE was an experience for Astarte - there were so many new clothes to try on (though she finally settled on Black Dragonscale), so many places to see, so many horde to hug...

Garagrim is based on a good friend of mine who started off on Elune at the same time as I did, and is still playing there (and doing good! :D).
Comic-Garagrim is gruff and essentially dwarvish - a weird sense of humor, a preoccupation with beer and a tendency to answer things with his axe, despite being a paladin and sword to the light or something. He also does not wish to discuss the celibacy issue.
Level 60 PvE held little difference for Garagrim, except that he couldn't wait to stop looking like a little yellow pagoda.

Inugami, or 'Gami, is Astarte's pet, and an ex-Snarler. Semi-retired in game after the Snarler nerf, Inugami exists to make everybody's life more difficult. He likes to eat baby Horde. Astarte is unable to control her pet, who may be set on 'passive' but who really only has one mode - 'psycho-aggression'.

Miscellaneous Alliance:
Gnome Mage: Based on (at that time) my pve guild's only lvl 60 mage, Grembel.
Jaina Proudmoore: In the comic, she is currently having an affair with Thrall, with the warchief as the henpecked half.


The Horde (aka the "Level Noob PvP" comics)

Noobcow is based on my character Ookami, from the Darkspear server. Ookami is a level 38 Tauren shaman. :D However, Noobcow, like all the other Hordelings, is level noob, which spans level 1-60.
Noobcow is inexorably logical, kind-hearted, and unafraid of speaking her mind. She also manages to get into much trouble. After all, hurting Noobcow is the source of much of the humor in these comics. :(
Level Noob PvP is a frightening experience for Noobcow. Surrounded by scary Alliance and perpetually followed by Gankers, Noobcow tries to make sense of the violent world around her. :O
Noobcow is currently a Death Knight for the purposes of beta testing Wrath of the Lich King.

Based on Garagrim's character Gramug, a level 40+ orc warlock on Darkspear.
Nooborc is sarcastic, irritable and will hear no criticism about his height or green skin. He is followed around by his (unnamed) voidwalker, as chances are, he is one of those imba soul-link warlocks. :O Level Noob PvP is approached the same way as all other experiences for Nooborc - cautiously, and at a distance.

Miscellaneous Horde:
Noobdead: A face-melting shadow mage... I mean priest. Noobdead does not heal, but he will melt your face. After all, the more people who die, the less his friends will need to be healed. Or dispelled.
NoobTroll~Warrior: Wielding Ravager, NoobTroll is unaware that he has picked possibly the worst class on the Horde side for a warrior. He is also fairly gullible. Based loosely on Troll Warrior Lunge of Tichondrius, who is probably the best warrior I have seen Pve/PvP. :D P.S: The piano incident was real.
NoobTroll~Mage: Based on my technical main character Samarkand of Tichondrius, NoobTroll~Mage sports a red mohawk.

When was Manic Graffiti created?

Jan 2005. I was in a law attachment which was fast running out of things for me to do, and I got a little bored. : / At that time, Garagrim and I also ran into abit of trouble over a bugged elf escort quest in Ungoro Crater... and the comics were born. :D

Where do you get your inspiration?

The early comics were mostly inspired from conversations in and out of game with Garagrim, who possesses an incredible sense of humor. :D The later ones just find me as I go along... or are ideas from lovely readers. : )

Which comic is your personal favorite?

It has to be "Pet Pathing". I don't often laugh at my own comics, but that one pulls a chuckle every time.

Why have what seems to be two separate comics? Why not concentrate on one?

Well... I started off with the hunter+pally comics, and only much later branched off with Noobcow. The hunter+pally comics were meant for me to have fun as an artist, i.e. to play with designs and detail characteristic to 'endgame' gear, and the Noobcow comics for me to relax and draw something simple and cutesy.
After a while it seemed that the hunter+pally comics became the "Endgame" and "PvE" comics, while the Noobcow ones the "PvP" comics. Covers much more of the game that way. :D

So what level is Noobcow?

Noobcow is level "Noob", which spans all levels in the game. :D After all, level 60s can be noob too. ^^

What is Noobcow's gender?

Noobcow is nominally female (hence the weird strip of cloth under its arms). This is because as a rule in RPGs I play female characters, being a girl myself.
However, in recognition of the fact that 'noob' can be both male and female, I try to make as little reference to Noobcow's gender as possible. Noobcow is an 'it'.

Why is Astarte in lousy/Black Dragonscale gear, while her friend Garagrim is in Judgment?

I try occasionally to follow what they are wearing in game. I no longer play Astarte, who is only wearing out of date gear (I still have green gloves! :O ). On the other hand, Garagrim is still alive and grumbling along, somewhere out there. :D

Why is there no "RP" comic?

Because I feel that there is already an RP element that shows up sometimes in the comics, especially for Noobcow. :D

Why mis-spell some in-game character names and not others?

Due to various Intellectual Property Law courses, I was uncertain as to whether to use Blizzard "IP" in the form of their characters in the comics. However... later it turned out that it's just too fun not to. : / So... I await judgment :O