Anya is a lawyer. That probably tells you just about everything you want to know about the occasionally sadistic humor in Manic Graffiti.
Anya was born in Singapore in 1984, and is a Chinese Singaporean. She studied elementary school in CHIJ St. Nicholas, high school in Raffles Girls' School (Secondary), and a year of junior college at Victoria Junior College before getting bored of compulsory economics and math and heading off to Melbourne, Australia. There, she completed Trinity Foundation Studies and was admitted to study a Bachelor of Laws at Melbourne University, specialising, perhaps ironically enough, in Intellectual Property law. The law degree was somewhat more boring than Anya had envisaged, and as such, Manic Graffiti (and a hell of alot of other art, writing and such) was born. Anya graduated from the Bachelor of Laws and proceeded to do a legal practice course at Leo Cussens, which also somewhat lacking in exciting, parachuting sort of activities. She was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2007.
Art wise, Anya has never been formally taught to draw comics (as compared to the usual calligraphy, crafts, still life and stuff you get to learn at school), and is self-taught. She has never really considered a career in graphic design / manga / comics, but her dream job is to work in this capacity for Blizzard while still being able to live in Melbourne.

To date, the characters Anya has in World of Warcraft that are worthy of mention are:
Astarte: Elune: Retired, Night Elf Hunter, Level 60
Chocoholic: Tichondrius.Wad de Kao: Main, Tauren Druid, Level 70 and ongoing
Samarkand: Tichondrius.Wad de Kao: Alt, Troll Mage, Level 70 and ongoing
Anya is currently retired from PVE raiding, having last been up halfway through Black Temple. Real life intervened, and as such, she is currently unsubscribed from World of Warcraft, but hopes to play again during the Wrath of the Lich King. Following the gift of a beta key from a kind reader, she is playing the beta casually.